The materials we are developping are easily integrated in everyday objects. Thanks to our electroshapable materials, a simple manipulation can adapt your products to the user's morphology. (Cf Technologies)
The electroshapability is the principal function of our materials, but their chemical, thermic or mechanical properties make them relevant for other industrial uses as well.


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Our materials perform especially well in the adaptation of sports equipment. Here are a few examples of successful integrations:

  • Shin guards (SW)
  • Dance slippers (SW)
  • Toe pads (SW)
  • Ski shoes (LM)

These products are adaptable to any morphology. Therefore, our composites are a must-have for anyone looking to limit the range of products to conceive.


Our materials fit in just as well in various objects like:

  • Headphones (LM)
  • Watch bracelets (LM)
  • Medical orthoses (LM)
  • Cosmetic mask (LM)

Our materials have already proved their worth in sports, medicine, electronic accessories, cosmetics, aeronautics and many other fields. Stand out from your competitors: add them to your products now!

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Our materials can also add a heating function to your products.
Replacing the metallic electrodes in electric resistance welding of thermoplastics composites will help you in minimizing the weaknesses and simplifying the industrialization.
Due to their pressure and temperature sensitivity, they can be used as captors. Furthermore, some of our ranges are biocompatible and biodegradable.

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